McDonald’s vs Sweetgreen

Fast food is a great food option when you’re on the run and need something cheap and fast but also tasty.

McDonald’s vs Sweetgreen

Fast food is a great food option when you’re on the run and need something cheap and fast but also tasty. On average, a fast food meal can range from $5-$7 and about 836 calories. When you’re on the run, fast food may seem like the best dining option because waiting 5 minutes for fast food on a 30-minute lunch break seems much faster than going to a sit-down restaurant and waiting 20 minutes for food on the same 30-minute break.

Eating out all the time can add up quickly and the majority of fast-food restaurants consumers are working-class people who need a quick meal that won’t cost them an arm and a leg. Consumers often want a wallet-friendly meal than look for a calorie and nutrition-balanced meal. This can easily lead to overconsumption and an unhealthy lifestyle.

In order to live a healthy lifestyle, you might think the only option is to meal prep to save money. That is a great choice because you are able to make food that you enjoy but requires a commitment. Luckily, there are healthy fast-food chains! Let’s look at the difference between the fast-food chain McDonald’s and a healthy alternative food chain Sweetgreen.

McDonald’s is a popular fast-food chain that serves hamburgers and fries at an affordable price point. Sweetgreen is a fast-food chain that focuses on salads and healthy eating. Their mission statement is to connect people with real foods.

At McDonald’s, their burger, the Big Mac, is 550 calories, which contains 3 buns, 2 patties, 1 slice of cheese, lettuce, onions, their sauce, and pickles that sell for $5.79. A common way of ordering is to make your sandwich into a meal which adds a medium fry, 320 calories, and a medium drink, 210 calories, to your order. The typical Big Mac meal will come out to be 1,080 calories, which is a little over 50% of the recommended daily calorie intake and sells for $10.68. (please note pricing is based on San Francisco, CA locations).

At Sweetgreen, their popular Harvest Bowl, contains roasted chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, apples, goat cheese, toasted almonds, warm wild rice, shredded kale, and balsamic vinaigrette, has 685 calories and sells for $13.95. This is roughly half the calories you would have consumed at McDonald’s. (please note pricing is based on San Francisco, CA locations).

Looking back at the two chains, we can see that McDonald’s offers a cheaper menu and that Sweetgreen has healthier ingredients and fewer calories. Which fast-food restaurant would you choose to benefit your healthy lifestyle?

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