Why Your Company Needs a Wellness Program?

Why Your Company Needs a Wellness Program?

In the world of corporate finance, corporations will make any move, big or small, to increase their profits. Among all of the possible moves to improve a company, one standard route companies will take is acquiring a wellness program. Wellness programs are great for companies because they enhance the well-being of their employees and the overall brand's image. In this article, you will uncover the many benefits of a wellness program and learn about what our Lively Habits wellness program has in store.

Employee Well-Being and Save on Healthcare

When considering on whether or not to adopt a wellness program, a CEO or HR head must first look at their company internally. We're not saying all companies need a wellness program, but most should at least consider on having one. Good wellness programs are not only designed to improve employee health but also save companies lots of money. Picture the ideal employees that contribute to good office health. They follow good lifestyle habits that maximize their productivity and thus increase company revenue. They also do not get sick frequently and don't need many breaks to cater to unpleasant habits like smoking, recovering from hangovers, and tiredness from an irregular sleep schedule. It is well documented that people with these poor habits will inevitably obtain a chronic disease, spend up to $15,000 annually on healthcare, and, unfortunately have a shortened life expectancy of 76 years. By incorporating our Lively Habits wellness program, you're providing all the tools and information your workers need to improve their overall quality of life and lead them to save thousands of dollars from healthcare spending.

Boost Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, a good wellness program adds corporate social responsibility (CSR) to a company's portfolio. CSR benefits companies internally and externally because a company can present to the public that they cater to their employees' health and show their support to nonprofit foundations or charities. CSR can also lead to additional opportunities for companies, such as raising brand awareness, increasing shareholder value, and improving their brand image. Our Lively Habits wellness program is a perfect piece for companies that lack CSR. Our wellness program includes all types of habits that will improve a person's physical, mental, financial, and medical health. Adopting our wellness program may also give an employee enough incentive to reside with their company for a more extended period, which can save a company time and money by avoiding unnecessary processes like job recruiting and hiring.

Habit Tracking App & Tailored Made Content

Research has shown that being reminded of a person's progress towards their goal can be highly motivating in their health journey. The Lively Habits app is just that and more! Our mobile app allows users to document their journey to better health, simpler and more conveniently than ever. The app also contains a diverse set of content that teaches all ten of our healthy lifestyle habits to our users. A new app version is launching this month, so stay tuned for newer features, such as updated content, habits, and tips.

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