Yoga and Holistic Health

Yoga and Holistic Health

Yoga offers a unique opportunity to connect with one's spirituality, unlike traditional exercises such as jogging or weightlifting. This spiritual activity provides a chance for individuals to center themselves, to control their minds, body, and spirit. In this article, we will explore the holistic benefits of yoga, beginner yoga poses, and the lifestyle habits this exercise promotes.

Benefits of Yoga

Have you ever gone through a stressful day at work where it left you both physically and mentally exhausted? Well yoga is a great exercise to transform all that stress into positive energy! The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that anxiety disorders may be the most common mental health disorders in the United States. In terms of treatments, yoga is a great solution for any type of anxiety/mental health disorder. In order to achieve the total benefits of yoga, one should participate in all its different forms, including meditation, breath work, and chanting. Let's take a look at some simple yoga poses for beginners that will allow you to embark on your spiritual journey!

Beginner Yoga Poses

To begin, a yoga mat and a clear quiet space is all that's needed to start practicing yoga. Some beginner yoga poses to start off with are Mountain Pose (Tadasana), Child's Pose, Cat/Cow Pose, and Corpse Pose. The Mountain Pose (Tadasana)is done by standing up with feet together, extending arms and torso up while breathing in and out. Next, the Child’s Pose is essentially a reset position that allows for a person to catch their breath by getting into a kneeling position with toes tucked under and lowering butt back while keeping arms extended forward. Afterwards, we will try the Cat/Cow Pose which starts with hands and knees on the floor with the spine rounded when breathing in and back is arched when breathing out. The final beginner yoga pose is the Corpse Pose, a relaxing state where a person lies down on their back and with arms to the side for 1-5 minutes.

Promoting Holistic Health

Once you've honed your skills, practicing yoga can bring about numerous benefits to your physical and mental health. It helps reduce inflammation and improve posture while increasing flexibility and self-confidence. In addition, yoga has been known to have a positive impact on your holistic health by reducing anxiety, improving sleep quality, finding purpose, elevating mood, and promoting well-being. Whether you're looking to improve your fitness, reduce stress, or simply cultivate a greater sense of inner peace, incorporating yoga into your life can have a profound impact on your overall health and happiness.


As we have discussed the various healthy habits that yoga helps provide, there are still other habits such as regular checkup and financial security important to our day to day lives. Check out our newsletter and videos for more health content, such as the one you are reading right now. Start your journey toward a healthier lifestyle today and remember to GoLively!